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What did the philosopher pig say? Why did the silent chicken not have a job? Find the answers to these, and other very silly farm animal jokes, in the collection of fun farm animal joke printables below!

Chick jokes bookmarks

Chick Jokes Bookmarks

Enjoy these cute printable chick bookmarks, complete with Easter jokes! They are perfect to hand out in the classroom or at an Easter party, perhaps...

Farm Animal Bookmarks - Jokes

Farm Animal Jokes Bookmarks

Here's a set of bookmarks complete with cute farm animal illustrations and some jokes that we think the kids will enjoy! Print five per page.

Farm Animal Jokes Lunch Box Notes

Farm Animal Jokes Lunch Box Notes

We've designed this collection of farm animal jokes to be used as lunch box notes - a fun little surprise to be tucked into your child's lunch box every day. But why stop at that! There are so many other ways you could use these...

Horse Jokes Bookmarks

Horse Jokes Bookmarks

Kids love jokes - and a joke bookmark with these lovely horses on might encourage them to read a book or two, too! Print, cut out and enjoy.

Pig Bookmarks Jokes

Pig Bookmarks - Jokes

Everyone loves a joke - and the pig jokes on these lovely bookmarks will hopefully make them popular with the kids and encourage some good reading activity! They make a lovely classroom incentive.

More Farm Animal Fun for Kids

Farm Animal Crafts
Farm Animal Crafts

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