Cupcake Case Collage Cockatoo


This beautiful cockatoo collage is made simply with a few pieces of paper and some cupcake cases - but won't he look handsome on display!

Cupcake Case Collage Cockatoo

You will need:

2 white cupcake cases
Scrap of yellow paper
Yellow and black felt tip pens


  • Flatten one of the cupcake cases and cut in half.
  • Glue one half to the paper to be the cockatoo's body.
  • Snip along the fluted edge of the other half and then glue to the paper to be the wing.  See our photo below.

Cupcake case cockatoo - body pieces
Cupcake case cockatoo - body pieces

  • Flatten the second cupcake case.
  • Carefully cut the base from the case leaving a small piece of the side still attached.
  • Take the side you have removed from the cupcake case and cut this into 3.  Snip along the edges.
  • Glue these to the bottom of the body, one over the other, overlapping slightly to make the tail.

Cupcake case cockatoo - tail pieces
Cupcake case cockatoo - tail pieces

  • On the piece with the base still attached, colour the side of the case that remains yellow and snip along the edge to make the crest.

Cupcake case cockatoo - head piece
Cupcake case cockatoo - head piece, before colouring

  • Glue the base to the top of the body to form the head.
  • Cut a beak and leg from the yellow paper and glue in place.
  • Draw on an eye.


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