Counting Posters 11 to 20


This set of posters follows on from our Counting Posters 1 to 10. Each poster features some lovely bright objects for the kids to count, and a space for them to write the total (laminate first and use a dry wipe pen) or place on the correct number or word card from our Mix and Match Number Cards collection.

If you want to put the laminated posters on display, you could place a square of velcro on each blank space and on the back of a set of Mix and Match cards too. Then in spare moments you could ask the children to count and fix the correct card in place.

Use these posters as a comparing activity too. Hand out 2 posters and all the number cards. Ask the kids to guess which has more and which has fewer, then count the objects and place the correct number card on each poster to check whether they guessed correctly.

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Counting posters 11 to 20


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