Complete the Transport Pictures


We've provided the wheels - and it is up to your child to draw whatever they belong to! These "complete the picture" pages are a great way to encourage your kids to imagine and draw some wonderful vehicles, machines or other creations, and are particularly useful for less confident children who need a starting point...

Complete the Picture - Bicycle Wheels

Complete the Bicycle Wheels Picture

Have fun with this Complete the Picture printable sheet, featuring two bicycle wheels. Will you draw a bicycle? Who is riding the bike? Perhaps you will draw something else entirely...

Complete the Picture - Car Wheels

Complete the Car Wheels Picture

One of a set of Wheel themed "complete the picture" doodle pages for kids, this one features car wheels. What kind of car will your children draw?

Complete the Picture - Monster Truck Wheels

Complete the Monster Truck Wheels Picture

Monster truck wheels are crazy, and your children will be able to use this Complete The Picture printable to create their own crazy Monster Truck drawing! Who will be driving the truck?

Complete the Picture - Red Wagon

Complete the Red Wagon Picture

All that you will see on this Complete the Picture printable sheet for kids is a traditional red wagon, and plenty of space for your child to fill in the details of the scene! Who is pulling the wagon? What are they pulling?

Complete the Picture - Ship's Wheel

Complete the Ship's Wheel Picture

This printable is designed to encourage children's imagination! Use the ship's wheel at the centre to spark off a drawing of everything else in the scene, whether it is of a pirate's ship, a ship from Elizabeth I's fleet, or a fantasy ship from another world entirely...

Complete the Picture - Stage Coach

Complete the Stage Coach Picture

Kids could turn this complete the picture stage coach printable into a traditional Wild West stage coach or wagon (perhaps for a history project or a cowboy party), a fantasy version of a coach-like vehicle, or even a coach to take Cinderella to the ball...

Complete the Tractor Picture 2

Complete the Tractor Picture 2

Here's a fun activity for the kids that's ideal as part of a farm, transport or harvest theme, and perfect for building drawing confidence. Can the children complete the picture of the tractor? Who is driving the tractor, where is it working and what is it doing?

Complete the Picture - Tractor Wheels

Complete the Tractor Wheels Picture

There is something about tractors which appeals to kids! Use the bright red shiny wheels in this printable complete the picture sheet to inspire an interesting creation, whether it be a tractor or some other invented vehicle or "thing"!

Complete the Picture - Truck Wheels

Complete the Truck Wheels Picture

What kind of truck or lorry will your child draw on this Complete The Picture doodle worksheet? Use the truck wheels to get you started. Maybe this isn't a truck at all, but a robot or an interesting machine?

Complete the Picture - Wagon Wheels

Complete the Wagon Wheels Picture

Print out this fun worksheet so that kids can complete the picture, which has wagon wheels and lots of space for the imagination? What kind of wagon will your child draw.

Complete the Picture - Wheelbarrow

Complete the Wheelbarrow Picture

Kids will have fun completing the picture which features a wheelbarrow and lots of room for the imagination! What is in the wheelbarrow? Who does it belong to? There is plenty of scope for filling in the details of the scene with this printable...

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