Complete the Flower Picture Puzzles


Have fun practising drawing and observation skills by completing the flowers on these complete the flower picture puzzles.

Complete the Daffodil Puzzle

Complete the Daffodil Puzzle

This "complete the daffodil puzzle" is a mixture of a puzzle and a drawing activity and is great for building children's observation and copying skills.

Complete The Daisy Puzzle

Complete the Daisy Puzzle

Children must use their observation skills to help them complete the missing parts of the daisy on this fun puzzle.  

Complete The Snowdrops Puzzle

Complete the Snowdrops Puzzle

This "complete the snowdrops" puzzle is one of our trickier ones. Look closely at the leaves and flowers on the bottom picture and follow the lines to complete the picture.

Complete The Tulip Puzzle

Complete the Tulip Puzzle

This combined puzzle and drawing activity asks children to use their observational skills to complete the stem and petals of the tulip.

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