Complete the Autumn Picture Puzzles


Are the kids feeling in an arty mood? Why not try these autumn picture puzzles for them to complete and colour! They are a test of observation skills as they need to compare the two pictures to fill in the missing parts!

Apple Tree Complete the Picture Puzzle

Complete the Apple Tree Picture Puzzle

Our fun apple tree complete the picture puzzle asks children to fill in the missing parts of the picture by copying the complete tree on the right. It takes a fair amount of concentration to get everything to match up!

Oak Leaf Complete the Picture Puzzle

Complete the Oak Leaf Picture Puzzle

Have a go at this complete the picture puzzle of an oak leaf, filling in the missing parts of the grid by referring to the complete picture on the right. The oak leaf has an interesting shape and I think by trying this puzzle, children will remember it and be able to identify it in future.

Complete the Squirrel Picture

Complete the Squirrel Picture

Here's a fun squirrel printable activity for younger children. Can they fill in the details on the worksheet as requested, before colouring in their picture?

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