Commonwealth Games Colouring Pages


Get ready for the Commonwealth Games in 2022 with our fun collection of colouring pages! Here you will find some general Commonwealth Games colouring pages for Birmingham 2022, colouring pages for all the sports, and a flag colouring page for all the countries taking part!

Birmingham 2022 Colouring Page

Birmingham 2022 Colouring Page

Here's a simple colouring page for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022 that will give the kids the chance to colour in the letters, the year and the Roman numerals for 22 - the 22nd Games! We've surrounded the colouring page with a frame that echoes the logo's colours.

Sports Colouring Pages

You can find a selection of colouring pages on all of the sports events in the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 below. For many we have a variety of pages to suit a range of ages, too.

Commonwealth Games sports colouring pages
Some of our Commonwealth Games sports colouring pages!

Country Flag Colouring Pages

We've got flag colouring pages for all of the territories and nations competing in the Commonwealth Games this year - all 70!

Commonwealth Games flag colouring pages
Just some of our flag colouring pages!

More Colouring Pages

England Colouring Pages
England Colouring Pages

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