Clay Photo Frames


These clay photo frames make a great gift for Grandparent's Day but you could make them for any occasion, or even use them to decorate your locker or desk at school! We have added magnets to ours but you could add a stand and use them for table-top display instead.

A round clay photo frame
A round clay photo frame

You will need:

Coloured air-hardening clay
Photo (passport size)
Double sided sticky tape


Roll out your clay and cut out the shape of frame you would like. We used a ruler to help with the square frame. We cut out the round frame with the rim of a large cup and made the hole with a biscuit cutter. Don’t forget to make the hole in the centre.

With an old pen, write your name at the bottom of the frame. Press the gems into the clay to decorate.

Leave your frame to harden for a few days.

A square clay photo frame
A square clay photo frame

Use double sided sticky tape to stick your photo to the back of the frame. Cut a piece of card the same size as the frame and stick it on to the back with double sided tape.

Finally, if you like, glue a magnet on to the middle of the card. Alternatively, attach another piece of card to make a stand.

Our finished clay photo frames
Our finished clay photo frames - perfect for grandparents or other family gifts!


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