Christmas Tree Bauble Advent Calendar


This very simple DIY Advent Calendar craft is perfect for small hands to make. Younger children will enjoy turning over the pictures each day, and the Christmas tree looks very bright and cheerful on the wall.

Christmas Tree Bauble Advent Calendar

You will need:

Large sheet of green paper
Sheet of backing card
24 paper fasteners
24 card circles (use plain or patterned card, old Christmas cards, or some of our printable Christmas gift tags)


Cut out a tree shape from the green paper and glue it to the backing card.

Make 24 holes in the tree (we simply pressed a ballpoint pen through carefully). Push a paper fastener into each hole.

If you are using blank circles, decorate each with a picture on one side and a number from 1-24 on the other. If you do not want to draw the pictures you could cut them from old cards.

If you are printing our Christmas gift tags, cut them out and decorate the backs with a number from 1-24 (we printed ours onto card that was white on one side and patterned on the other).

Make a hole through each circle and thread a length of thread through, tying securely.

Loop each bauble around a paper fastener.

Each day turn the appropriate bauble around to show the picture.


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