Christmas Stocking Decorations


These Christmas stocking decorations are fun for kids to make and decorate and pretty to hang on the tree. And of course you can slip a small present inside, too!

Christmas Stocking Decorations

You will need:

Red felt
Needle and thread
Sequins, buttons and other decoration
Fabric glue


Fold the felt in half and cut two stockings out. Use blanket stitch or a small running stitch to sew the stockings together, leaving the top edge open.

Cut a length of ribbon and fold in half to make a loop and sew or glue  inside the stocking. Decorate with buttons, glitter, felt shapes, sequins, beads -  however you like.

Hang on the Christmas tree filled with candy canes and other goodies. Or why not make 24 Christmas stockings, add numbers and make your own advent calendar!


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