Chinese Lion Puppet


With its concertina body, the kids can make this Chinese lion puppet dance up and down just like it's doing a real Lion Dance.

Chinese Lion puppet

You will need:

Coloured card
Brightly coloured tissue paper scraps
Construction paper
2 popsicle (lolly) sticks


To make the body:

Cut the construction paper into strips about 1inch wide. Glue two different colour strips together at right angles. Fold one strip over the other, then repeat with the other strip, forming a concertina. Continue until you reach the end of the strips. Glue the ends together and trim off any excess.

To make the head and tail:

Cut two oval shapes from card. Cut a mane, eyes, nose, mouth and other decorations from tissue paper. Glue these to the head and tail.

To assemble your puppet:

Glue one of the popsicle sticks to the tail and glue the body on top. Glue the other popsicle stick to the back of the head and glue these to other end of the body.

Now make your Lion dance!

Chinese Lion Puppet - view of body


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