Cheese Box Spider Craft


Here's another recycling craft for Halloween, turning a cheese box into a lovely, big, scary spider!

Cheese Box Spider Craft

You will need:

Round cheese box
Black paint
4 black pipecleaners
Wiggle eyes


  • Paint the box (you don't need the lid) black.
  • Poke eight holes around the edge of the box.
  • Thread a pipecleaner through one of the holes.  Bend in half and thread back through the next hole.  If you want, secure in place with a piece of sticky tape.  Repeat with the other pipecleaners.

Cheese box spider 2 - threading the pipe cleaner legs
Threading the pipe cleaner legs

  • Bend the pipecleaner legs into shape.
  • Stick on the wiggle eyes.

Spiders on display!


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