Car Journey Alphabet


This game has almost infinite variations and is suitable for all ages of kids, helping to keep them happy on a long car journey. You will find a printable available to Activity Village Members below, but you just need a paper and pencil to play.

Car Journey Alphabet

Age: 5+

Give each child a piece of paper and pencil or use our printable and ask them to find something for each letter of the alphabet. They might spot a post-box for "p", a train for "t" and so on.

You might have to use some ingenuity for the harder letters, such as a "yellow car" for "y". We usually put a line through "z" unless we know that we will be passing some zebra crossings!

The first child to fill up all their alphabet is the winner.


  • Children can only spot things on their side of the road.
  • Children must spot things in alphabetical order, and only move on to the next letter when their "object" is approved by you.
  • Children must spot things in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Instead of spotting objects, spot place names on signposts and roads as you pass.
  • Instead of spotting objects, spot letters on number plates (in which case we suggest you go alphabetically, or the game will be over too soon).
  • Allow each child a certain number of "wild cards", which can be awarded for spotting a particular object. For example, spotting a yellow truck might allow a child to cross off any one letter which they are finding difficult.
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Car Journey Alphabet


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