Capture The Flag


Capture The Flag has always been a huge favourite with my kids, who learned it at a school summer camp and have played on every available occasion since. It is a great game for large, mixed age groups and long summer afternoons!

Capture The Flag instructions
Capture The Flag, Summer 2003

You will need:

A large group of children

2 flags or markers (anything bright and light-weight, such as a Tshirt, will do)

A large area, which can be roughly divided into two

How to play:

Split the children into two teams and allocate each team with one half of the area. Each team chooses a base position, where they keep their "flag", and a gaol position, where they will keep their prisoners, and makes it known to the other team.

Each team now tries to capture the other team's flag. Whenever a team member ventures onto the other team's territory, he is at risk of being caught (tagged) by the enemy team. When caught he is taken to that team's gaol, where he must remain until he is freed (touched) by one of his team members.

When someone manages to capture the other team's flag and return it to their own territory, their team wins.


Older children will probably organize their teams so that some players guard, others hunt. Younger children will probably run around a great deal and just have fun!

In a large space, especially one with hiding places, this game can go on for an hour or more.


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