Cameo Brooches


Here is a really inspirational and unusual gift idea which kids can make - perfect for Mother's Day or a favourite grandmother! You could also make a key ring or perhaps even a small pair of cufflinks so that Dads and grandfathers could be the lucky recipients, too!

Cameo Brooches

Sam and Jack made these cameo brooches

You will need:

A profile photo
White shrink plastic
Dark coloured pen
Strong glue
Badge pin


Put your photo under the plastic so that the rough edge is up. Trace around the outline of the face, shaping into a curved line around the neck (see our photos)

Colour in the face. Draw and then cut an oval shape around the outside of the face.

Note: original cameo brooches have a dark background and a white (or cream) silhouette. To create this effect, draw and cut out the oval before colouring and leave the face white, while colouring in the background of the oval. Older children might find this easier to do.

Ask an adult to bake the shrink plastic in the oven following the manufacturers' instructions. Allow to cool

Stick on a badge back with strong glue.

Variation - Key ring

Before baking, punch a hole. Fix to a key ring fitting when baked. Makes a lovely gift for Dads or Grandpas.

Variation - Cuff links

Getting a smaller size will be fiddly so cuff links are better attempted by older children. Use a much smaller photo and cut it out carefully. Trace round it once one way on one piece of shrink plastic, then flip over and trace around it again the other way on another piece of shrink plastic. Alternatively, use 2 photos and trace through the shrink plastic as in the brooch above. Draw identical ovals around the faces (use a template to make this easier) and then shrink as before. Attach to cuff link backs.

Cameo brooch


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