The fifth day of Diwali is called Bhaiya-Dooj (or Bhai Dooj), and is a special day for brothers and sisters. Traditionally, sisters draw a tilak (a lucky red dot) on their brother's forehead and make him his favourite foods. He in return checks that his sister is well and happy, and gives her gifts. If brothers and sisters live apart (when they are older), brothers will visit their sisters.

Bhai Dooj at Activity Village

These printable pages will encourage your children to think about what is special about their siblings - they can write or draw in the booklets and frames, print a card to give, or use some of our writing paper. We also have some super bookmarks which brothers and sisters can give each other as gifts, and some gorgeous new colouring pages and colouring cards! Explore all the links below.

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More Fun for Bhaiya-Dooj

Although not specifically "brothers" and "sisters", this collection of colouring pages (for younger kids) provides a large variety of pages that the children might like to colour in and give to their sibling.

Aimed at younger children, here are 24 colouring pages of little children with simple outlines...

Bhai Dooj

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Diwali Colouring Cards
Diwali Colouring Cards

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