Autumn Tree Craft


Make a spectacular display to celebrate the arrival of autumn with this autumn tree craft. This obviously works well as a group or class project.

Autumn tree craft for kids

You will need:

Large sheet of card (we used gold but you could use brown or any other colour)
Paints, paper, crayons, laminating sheets - depending on how you wish to make your leaves


First cut a tree shape from your card.

Make your leaves. We made a collection using different methods (see below) but you could stick to one type if you like.

Leaf prints - paint your leaf and press on to paper. Make 2 or 3 prints before painting again. When the paint is dry cut out your leaves.

Leaf rubbings - put your leaf under your paper, so the veins are facing upwards. With the side of your crayon rub over the top.

Laminated leaves - pop your leaves in between 2 sheets of paper under a heavy book for a few days. Slip your leaves in to laminating sheets and ask an adult to feed they through the laminator. Cut out your leaves.

Alternatively cut out leaves from paper, tissue or felt.

We also included some scratch leaves we bought from a craft shop.

Arrange your leaves on the tree and, when you are happy with the arrangement, glue them down.

Autumn tree craft detail


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