Around the World Ordinal Numbers


Around the World card games are a great way to "drill" a subject, and you can vary the pace to suit how well your children know the facts. This set of Around the World Cards is for ordinal numbers.

Cut out and laminate. We've taken our cards up to 36, but we've left some cards blank for you to fill in, if you want to continue up to forty or further, or you want a shorter game (see instructions for adapting the game below). The final page in this 6-page printable is optional "backs" for the cards, if you want to print double-sided to make your set look more exciting. We suggest you laminate the cards if you are going to use them more than a few times.

How to play:

Keep the first card for yourself, then deal out the rest to the children randomly. Some children may have more than one card. Ask the children to stand up. Now read out the first card. "I have 1st. Who has second?" The child that has the next card reads it out quickly: "I have 2nd. Who has third?" The child with the third card continues, and so on until you reach the last card (36th) and play returns to 1st - you. When a child has read out all his cards, he sits down. When you reach the end of the pack, you should be the only one standing!


As the children learn the facts they become quicker. How about timing the complete run-through, and then trying to beat the best time?

Adapting the pack:

The last card in the pack should return you to the beginning - 1st. If you want to play with a smaller group of children and have one card per child, use one of the blanks on page 5 of the pdf to end the game, filling in the appropriate numbers.

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Ordinal numbers - Around the World cards


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