Year of the Dragon


We will next be celebrating the Dragon in 2024, but if your child was born in the Year of the Dragon you may want to explore our activities, together with our more general Chinese New Year activities and China for Kids theme.

Year of the Dragon Dates

  • 9th February 1940 – 26th January 1941
  • 27th January 1952 – 13th February 2953
  • 13th February 1964 – 1st February 1965
  • 31st January 1976 – 17th February 1977
  • 17th February 1988 – 5th February 1989
  • 5th February 2000 – 23rd January 2001
  • 23rd January 2012 – 9th February 2013
  • 10th February 2024 - 25th January 2025

Next Year of the Dragon

10th February 2024 - 25th January 2025

Dragon Characteristics

People born in the year of the dragon are usually lively and excitable, so a birthday party full of dragon children could be a challenge! They are bright but sometimes arrogant and over confident. They know what's right and don't like gossip and can be sensitive to others. And they won't struggle to make a decision! They make good leaders but can have fiery tempers and little eccentricities, too.

Year of the Dragon Resources

Here are three fun new designs of free printable Year of the Dragon cards which you can use to wish...
Year of the Dragon Colouring Cards
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Year of the Dragon Colouring Pages
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Year of the Dragon Printables
This page gathers together our collection of printable activities for kids for Year of the Dragon,...
Year of the Dragon Puzzles
Children born in the Year of the Dragon will enjoy our themed puzzles and mazes. Many make a fun...

Don't forget to explore our wonderful collection of Chinese dragon crafts, too:

Chinese Dragon Crafts
Chinese Dragon Crafts

Year of the Dragon activities for kids

Dragon face paint
How about painting some faces for the Year of the Dragon?

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