Witch's Hat


Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a witch's hat to wear - and this one is quickly made with a piece of black card. Of course you can add embellishments of all sorts, or adapt the craft to make a wizard's hat (with a bigger brim and perhaps using purple card).

Witch's Hat Halloween craft

You will need:

A large sheet of black card
Sticky tape
Green crepe paper (or yellow or black wool/yarn)
A piece of string and a pencil to draw your arc - optional


Draw an arc, either freehand or using your pencil and string, from one corner of the black card to part way along the opposite long side, to form a quarter of a circle. Cut along the line. Roll this quarter circle into a cone big enough to fit on the witchÂ’s head and tape together.

Stand the hat on the remaining card and draw around the base (circle 1). Decide on the width of the brim you would like, and draw another bigger circle around circle 1 to make the brim (circle 2). Cut out circle 2.

Draw a third circle (circle 3) about 2cm (1 inch) inside circle 1. Cut along this line.

Cut small slits at approximately 2cm (1 inch) intervals between circle 3 and circle 1 to form flaps. Crease them along the line of circle 1.
Now stand the cone onto the brim, and fold the flaps up inside the hat, taping them in place.

Cut the crepe paper into strips and tape these inside the hat so that they hang down to form hair.



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