Washing Line Display


We all love to display our child's best school work and art work, but sometimes the fridge will only hold so much! A "washing line" is an original way to display work and can be used flat against a wall or across a room. Get the children to help you make some personalized clothes pegs (below), keep changing the display and let your children be really proud of their achievements.

washing line display
Name pegs
Paint wooden clothes peg in bright colours. Glue on a pre-cut foam letter (or cut your own). Alternatively print out letters from one of our alphabets, cut out, laminate and glue on.

Top tip: Fastening your pegs around the edge of a paper plate and balancing the plate on top of a cup will mean that both sides of the pegs can be decorated at the same time and the peg wonÂ’t accidentally be stuck closed!

Painted pegs
Painted pegs
Paint wooden pegs in acrylic paints. We made dotty and stripy patterns.

heart clothes peg
Heart peg
We painted a peg with acrylic paint and then glued on a foam heart decorated with glitter glue and a heart sticker. You could use any foam shape that you can imagine (try our templates for inspiration).

glitter clothes peg
Glitter peg
Paint a wooden peg with PVA (white) glue and tip fine glitter over the top; shake off any excess. When the peg is dry a coat of acrylic varnish will protect the glitter.

Sequin clothes peg
Sequin peg
Paint a wooden peg with acrylic paint and leave to dry. Use PVA (white) glue to stick on sequins. When the peg is dry add a coat of acrylic varnish for protection.

Beaded clothes peg
Beaded peg
Paint a wooden peg with acrylic paint and leave to dry. Thread some beads on to embroidery thread. We used wooden beads but any will do. Tie the ends of the thread to the peg and paint over the thread with PVA (white) glue to secure.


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