Toilet Roll Tiger


Break our the contents of your junk drawer to make this toilet roll tiger for Chinese New Year, and India or zoo theme, or any time a tiger craft is called for!!

Toilet roll tiger craft for kids

Our toilet roll tiger

You will need:

Polystyrene ball
Toilet roll
4 corks
1 orange and 1 black pipecleaner
Orange and black paint
Wiggle eyes
Orange craft foam
Black button
Black ribbon


Glue the ball on to the top of the toilet roll tube. Paint the ball and tube and the corks orange and leave to dry. Paint on black stripes. Glue the corks on to the tube for the tiger's legs.

Cut two ears from orange craft foam and glue to the top of the ball. Glue on the eyes. Cut two small pieces of ribbon as the whiskers. Glue these on and add a button for the nose.

Toilet roll tiger - face detail

Cut the pipecleaners in half and take one piece of the orange, one of the black, twist together and then glue to the inside of the tube to make your tiger's tail.

Toilet roll tiger - side view


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