St Patrick's Day Suncatcher


This St Patrick's Day suncatcher mobile craft looks so pretty hanging in front of the window, catching the sun as it twists and turns in the breeze.

St Patrick's Day suncatcher mobile

You will need:

  • Tissue paper in all the colours of the rainbow, plus gold if possible
  • Laminator and two pouches (or contact film)
  • Thread


Cut out an arch for the rainbow from the red tissue paper. Use the red arch to help you draw and cut out an orange arch. Keep going until you have all the colours.

Lay out your rainbow on the inside of the laminator pouch, cover and seal. Cut out the rainbow making sure that you leave a sealed edge all around the outside. If you do not have a laminator you could seal your rainbow between two layers of contact film. This will be quite tricky and is probably best done by an adult.

Cut out a shamrock from green tissue paper. From dark tissue paper cut out a pot and from gold (or yellow) some gold coins. Arrange these in the second laminator pouch, seal and cut out.

St Pats suncatcher pot of gold

With a needle, thread a piece of thread through the top of the shamrock and one end of the rainbow, knotting the ends to secure. Fasten the pot of gold to the other end of the rainbow in the same way. Add a piece of thread to the top of the rainbow to hang.

Hang your mobile in front of a window and let the sun shine through it.


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