St George's Day Puzzles


Lots NEW! St George is the patron saint of England, and St George's Day is a celebration of England, too. We've got a number of different types of puzzles that you can use for St George's Day, including word searches, boggler puzzles and stepping stone puzzles. Explore the links below.

St George's Day Boggler Puzzles
Our boggler puzzles are a fun word puzzle, similar to a popular family word game. You can find...
St George's Day Stepping Stone Puzzles
Stepping stone puzzles are a great way to secretly get some sequencing or times table practice in!...
St George's Day Word Search Puzzles
Have a go at these English-themed word search puzzles, perfect for St George's Day!
More St George's Day Puzzles
Here are a few more puzzles for your St George's Day activities in the classroom or home -...

More St George's Day Fun for Kids

St George's Day Crafts
St George's Day Crafts

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