Sports Word Tracing Worksheets


If your child is a fan of sports they will enjoy our large collection of sports word tracing worksheets, each of which includes a fun colouring page, too...

Archery Tracing Worksheet

Archery Word Tracing

Trace the letters in the word "archery" and then colour in the funny picture of an archer, who looks almost certain to hit a bulls-eye!

Athletics Tracing Worksheet

Athletics Word Tracing

Tracing words is always good practise when you are learning to write, and these sports tracing worksheets make it fun! This one features the word "athletics", and, as always, we've included a picture to colour too.

Badminton Tracing Worksheet

Badminton Word Tracing

Colour in the picture of a badminton player, and trace the word "badminton" beneath - a perfect activity for a rainy summer's afternoon!

Baseball Tracing Worksheet

Baseball Word Tracing

Baseball is the perfect summer sport - but if you can't be out on the pitch, perhaps you can be tracing the word and colouring in the picture on this early learning worksheet!

Basketball Tracing Worksheet

Basketball Word Tracing

I'm sure there are many young basketball fans out there who will enjoy tracing the word on this fun worksheet, and colouring in the picture of a basketball player.

Bobsled Tracing

Bobsled Word Tracing

This two man bobsled is ready to race down the track. Get your pen ready to race round the letters on this tracing page.

Boxing Tracing Worksheet

Boxing Word Tracing

Can the kids trace the letters of the word "boxing" carefully, before colouring in the picture of a boxer? Boxing is a Summer Olympics sport and also a sport in the Commonwealth Games.

Canoeing Word Tracing

Canoeing Word Tracing

Young children can practice their handwriting skills with the help of our sports handwriting worksheets - this one focusing on canoeing. And we've included a fun picture for colouring in, too.

Curling Tracing

Curling Word Tracing

No they're not sweeping the floor, they're curling! Use this tracing page to encourage learning letter formation and also introduce this unusual sport!

Cycling Tracing Worksheet

Cycling Word Tracing

Cycling can be an exciting competitive sport or a gentle family entertainment! Either way, here's a cycling tracing worksheet for early learners...

Diving Tracing Worksheet

Diving Word Tracing

Here's a fun handwriting worksheet for diving fans. Trace the word and colour the picture.

Equestrianism Tracing Worksheet

Equestrianism Word Tracing

We doubt many children will want to trace the word "equestrianism", but it's one of the sports of the Summer Olympics so we've included it anyway in our collection of sports tracing worksheets!

Football Tracing Worksheet

Football Word Tracing

Trace the word football and colour in the picture. A perfect handwriting worksheet for footie fans! We've got the same worksheet for "soccer" too.

Football Word Tracing 2

Football Word Tracing 2

Trace the letters of the word football and then colour in the picture. Fun for the World Cup perhaps?

Goal Word Tracing

Goal Word Tracing

Learn to write the word using the tracing lines on this goal word tracing worksheet, starting on the dot! And of course the kids might enjoy colouring in the picture, too.

Goalkeeper Word Tracing

Goalkeeper Word Tracing

Trace over the letters of the word goalkeeper and colour in the picture. You might want to use this word tracing worksheet for a sports topic, or for the World Cup.

Golf Tracing Worksheet

Golf Word Tracing

This tracing worksheet is fun for kids. Trace the word golf and colour in the golfer as he is about to drive off the tee...

Gymnastics Tracing Worksheet

Gymnastics Word Tracing

Here's a gymnastics tracing worksheet. Trace the word and colour the picture of a gymnast!

Handball Tracing Worksheet

Handball Word Tracing

Young handball fans can trace the letters of the word and colour in the picture, too.

Horse Riding Tracing Worksheet

Horse Riding Word Tracing

Encourage young horse-riding fans to practise their handwriting with this worksheet, complete with colouring picture.

Judo Tracing Worksheet

Judo Word Tracing

Another of our sports tracing worksheets, this one - with the four letter word "judo" - is a good one for beginners!  

Lawn Bowls Tracing Worksheet

Lawn Bowls Word Tracing

Perfect for the Commonwealth Games, in which lawn bowls is one of the 15 sports in 2014, this lawn bowls tracing worksheet will give the kids some handwriting practice and a fun picture to colour in too.  

Netball Tracing Worksheet

Netball Word Traciing

Children can take their time tracing the letters in "netball" perfectly, then colour in the picture.

Referee Word Tracing

Referee Word Tracing

How do you spell the word referee? Our word tracing worksheet will help children learn.

Rowing Tracing Worksheet

Rowing Word Tracing

Row, row, row your boat... or colour in our picture and trace the word on this rowing tracing worksheet!

Rugby Tracing Worksheet

Rugby Word Tracing

Children will enjoy colouring in our funny rugby player and tracing over the word "rugby" beneath.

Sailing Word Tracing

Sailing Word Tracing

Trace over the word sailing on this handwriting practise sheet, and colour in the picture too!

Shooting Tracing Worksheet

Shooting Word Tracing

We've produced this worksheet as shooting is one of the 15 sports in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Colour in the picture and trace the word.  

Skating Tracing

Skating Word Tracing

As the skater makes her figures on the ice, trace over the word on the paper. This skating tracing page is great for colouring too. Make sure the kids give the skater a fantastic outfit!

Skiing Tracing

Skiing Word Tracing

I love how the two letter "i"s in this word look like a pair of skis! This skiing tracing page will put a smile on your face, like the skier in the picture!

Squash Tracing Worksheet

Squash Word Tracing

Squash is a fast sport - and one for which you have to be very fit to play well! Kids can colour in this nifty squash player and trace the word "squash" too.

Sumo Tracing Worksheet

Sumo Word Tracing

Sumo wrestling seems a strange sport to westerners, but of course in Japan it is very popular. Here's a fun tracing worksheet with a colouring picture of a sumo wrestler to colour in when they've traced over the letters in "sumo".

Supporter Word Tracing

Supporter Word Tracing

Kids can colour the picture of the supporter ready to watch his team and trace the word underneath - a fun way to practise writing!

Surfing Tracing Worksheet

Surfing Word Tracing

There are days when I wish I could be out surfing like the boy in this colouring picture! Trace the word underneath when you've finished colouring him in...

Swimming Tracing Worksheet

Swimming Word Tracing

Kids can colour in this funny picture of a swimming, and trace the word swimming underneath...

Table Tennis Tracing Worksheet

Table Tennis Word Tracing

Here's a tracing worksheet featuring the words "table tennis" and a picture of a table tennis player to colour in, too.

Tennis Tracing Worksheet

Tennis Word Tracing

Colour the tennis player and trace the word beneath - perfect for younger children, perhaps during Wimbledon?

Triathlon Tracing Worksheet

Triathlon Word Tracing

Trace the word "triathlon" and colour in the pictures of a swimming, athlete and cyclist - the three sports of the triathlon.

Water Polo Word Tracing

Water Polo Word Tracing

Trace over the letters of the words water polo and colour in the picture. You might want to use this word tracing worksheet for a sports topic, or for the Olympics.

World Cup Word Tracing

World Cup Word Tracing

Colour the picture and trace the letters on this World Cup tracing worksheet to practise early pencil control skills.

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