Spooky Eye


This spooky eye is so gruesome it appeals particularly to boys! It makes a great hanging for your house or classroom, and looks particularly nasty hung from the door frame or in a window.

Spooky Eye Halloween Craft

You will need:

Paper ball (from your craft shop)
Green marker pen
Black marker pen
Red glitter glue
Thread / wool and sticky tape to hang

Spooky Eye Halloween Craft


Use the green and black pens to draw a pupil and iris on the ball. Use the red glitter glue to draw lines over the rest of the ball to be veins. Attach the thread to the eye with sticky tape and hang.


Make a collection of spooky eyes in different colours and use to decorate your Halloween party table. Or perhaps you could string them in your entrance-way to give trick or treaters a real scare!


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