Sock Snowman Craft


You will need a white sock and a baby sock to make this gorgeous sock snowman - but he is so gorgeous we don't think you will be able to stop at one!

Sock snowman craft

You will need:

A white ankle sock (we used ladies size)
Baby sock
Toy stuffing
Fabric glue
Brown felt
Scrap of orange craft foam
Scrap card


Cut a small circle of scrap card and pop it in the toe of the ankle sock.

Stuff the sock to the heel.

Sock snowman step 1

Tie a knot in the sock and trim off the excess.

Sock snowman step 2

The sock should now stand up on the card base.

Tie a length of ribbon around the sock where you want the scarf to be. It will help separate the sock into head and body.

Sock snowman step 3

Slip the baby sock onto the head to form the hat. Tie a piece of wool around the end and cut off the "toe" end of the baby sock.

Glue on twig arms (cut from brown felt), a carrot nose (from orange craft foam), eyes and a row of buttons down his front (from sequins or buttons).


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