Ribbon Heart Key Ring


This makes a cute gift for kids to make for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day - or just for themselves! It looks pretty hanging on a pencil case or satchel.

Heart Ribbon Keyring

You will need:

Key ring fixing (optional, as you could make this tied directly to a bag or pencil case zipper)
Heart beads (we made our own from polymer clay)
Three shades of thin pink ribbon


If you are making your own beads, shape a number of small heart shapes from your clay. Make a hole through each one with a toothpick, wriggling around to get a big enough hole to thread the ribbons through. Bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Group you ribbons together, and tie them to your key ring fitting. Plait (braid) your ribbons, threading on a bead every so often.

Tie a knot near the end of the ribbons, leaving the last inch or so of ribbon hanging loose.


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