Pipe Cleaner and Bead Bag Tags


Decorate your bags and satchels with these super easy pipe cleaner and bead bag tags - perfect for kids to make for school, or as gifts for friends and family.

Pipecleaner and bead bagtags - Jack is King
Our pipe cleaner and bead bag - "Jack is King"

You will need:

Key ring
Pipe cleaner


Thread the pipe cleaner on to the key ring.

Now thread on some beads. We have used alphabet beads to spell out messages, but you can use any beads that you have. You could make so many different types of designs

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner tightly together. Mould the loop of pipe cleaner into any shape that you fancy.

Pipecleaner and bead bagtag "best friend"
Another pipe cleaner and bead bag - "Best Friend


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