Paper Cup Witch


Kids will enjoy making this paper cup witch for Halloween! And as all witches need a black cat, why not make our paper cup cat, too?

Paper cup witch

You will need:

A paper cup
A polystyrene ball
Black paint
Green paint
PVA glue
Black wool
Black paper or card
Wiggle eyes
Green craft foam
Star stickers



Paint the paper cup black and paint the ball green. Leave them to dry.

Glue the ball to the cup.

Cut some lengths of black wool for your witch's hair, and glue them to the top of the ball.

Draw around a small plate on to black paper or card. Cut out 1/3 of the circle. Roll into a cone and glue the edges. Put a bit of glue around the inside of the cone and stick onto the ball.

Cut a rectangle of black paper or card about 10cm by 3 cm to form your witch's arms. Cut two ‘hands’ from green craft foam and glue them to either end of the rectangle. Glue the paper around the back of the cup, so the ends reach around the front,

Stick on the wiggle eyes and add a green foam nose. Decorate with star stickers. Put your witch on display!


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