Owl Greetings Card


These little owls are quick and easy to make and look very cute glued to the front of a greetings card. Choose your colours to suit the recipient!

Owl Greetings Card

You will need:

Blank greetings card
Scrapbook paper (ideally patterned both sides)
Scraps of card or paper
Wiggle eyes


  • If you do not have two sided paper, glue two pieces of scrapbook paper back to back. You could use some of our printable scrapbook paper.
  • Cut a circle from the scrapbook paper. We used a craft punch but you can draw around a cup.
  • Fold in the sides at an angle.
  • Fold down the top.
  • Cut a triangle from paper or card for the beak and glue to the top fold.
  • Stick on two wiggle eyes.
  • Glue your owl to the greeting card.


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