Owl Bird Scarer Craft


Imagine this lovely, colourful owl bird scarer reflecting the light and scaring the birds away from your seed beds! Of course it would look fabulous hanging in the home or classroom too, and kids can really go to town on decorating it. Instructions below.

Owl Bird Scarer Craft

You will need:

Old cd/dvd
Old plastic carrier bags
Strong waterproof glue
String/yarn to hang
Assorted bottle tops
Glass pens
Permant marker


  • Decorate the silver side of the cd with glass pens.
  • Cut a length of string to hang. Thread it through the middle of the cd and then knot at the edge of the cd.
  • Glue on bottletops for eyes. Use a permanent marker to draw on pupils.
  • Cut a beak and wings from plastic carrier bags and glue on.
  • Hang your owl up where it will catch the breeze!


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