New Year Star Hair Band


The kids will enjoy making this star hair band - and wearing it - to celebrate the New Year! Change the colours to match your Christmas or New Year decorations - or your child's outfit.

New Year Star Hair Band

You will need:

An inexpensive hair band
Sparkly pipe cleaners
Shiny card
Glitter glue


Cut four stars from the card. On to each star write a number 2 – 0 – 0 - 8 with glitter glue.

Glue the ‘2’ star to one end of a pipe cleaner, and one ‘0’ star to the other. Glue the other two stars onto opposite ends of another pipe cleaner.

Cover the hair band in glue. Wrap the centre of the pipe cleaners tightly around the band, making sure the numbers are arranged in the right order.

Make sure you leave the band to dry before wearing!

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