New Year Numbers


Familiarise younger children with the "numbers" in each New Year with this fun textured number craft. Use our Number Templates or draw your own.

2009 collage

You will need:

A4 card
PVA (white) glue
Dried beans, lentils, rice, kitchen foil, fabric, cotton wool, sand etc


Draw, or print, a large number onto the sheet of card. Cover each number with glue and then stick on your chosen ‘texture’. Cover each number in a different material to get a range of textures. When the glue is dry, cut out the numbers.

You could make the numbers 0-9 in different textures to help children learn to recognise their numbers.

In 2009 we used cotton wool, shiny card, felt and dried green lentils (photo above).

textured new year numbers craft
In 2008 we used popping corn, velvet, lentils and kitchen foil

Textural numbers 0-9

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