Marbled Heart Plate


We've tried an unusual technique for this plate which made the design rather exciting! Of course you could adapt this for all sorts of events and use different shapes and pictures. A butterfly would look pretty! Remember, this plate is FOR DISPLAY only.

Marbled Heart Plate

You will need:

White plate
Sharpie pens
Rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit)
Fixative spray (we used hairspray but for a longer lasting surface acrylic sealer spray would be better)
Clear varnish (optional)


Draw and colour a heart in the middle of the plate.

Marbled heart plate with sharpie picture drawn
Sharpie picture drawn

Carefully drop puddles of rubbing alcohol onto the picture. The ink will lift up and run.  If you add too much the heart shape will run so make sure you go slowly and carefully.  

The paint beginning to mingle
The paint is beginning to mingle...

Leave to dry.  

The finished marbled heart plate
The finished marbled heart plate

Spray with fixative.

Draw around the heart again for emphasis and write on a message.

Marbled heart plate - done!

Varnish if you wish.

Remember, this plate is for display only!


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