Make A Christmas Bookmark


Here's an idea for children to make a personalized Christmas bookmark as a little Christmas gift - great for grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and godparents, or even "best friends". We've got ideas for making even quicker bookmarks below, too.

Christmas bookmarks
Sam made a special Christmas bookmark for his Dad which is sure to be treasured!

You will need:

colouring pens
Laminating sheet and machine or sticky back plastic
Hole punch
Thin ribbon, wool (yarn) or cord for tassels


Simply draw your own picture or design on one piece of the card and write a message on the back. Laminate, then punch a hole in the bottom.

To make the tassel, thread a length of thin ribbon or cord through the hole and round your fingers or some other measure a number of times. Tie tightly just under the bookmark with a short length of the same ribbon. Finally, cut the ends.

Tassel closeup - green wool

You could thread on a bead before you tie the tassel together, if you prefer.

Tassel closeup

More ideas for Christmas bookmarks:

  • Print out some of our Christmas scrapbook and craft paper . Slice each sheet into a number of bookmarks. Write your message on the back before laminating and adding a tassel as before.
  • We've got lots of Christmas bookmarks to print - many of them can be coloured in so are perfect as gifts.
  • Instead of tassels, loop a ribbon through and thread on some pretty beads. Tie knots in the ends of the ribbon to keep the beads on.
  • The bookmarks don't have to be rectangular! Have a look at our Christmas templates and use them to cut out your plain card (ready for your designs) or use our scrapbook paper. How about a Christmas tree with a hole punched at the top and a gold or yellow ribbon threaded through? A stocking, a bauble or a candy cane would all be pretty, too.


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