Lolly Stick Star


Plenty of glue and patience will be needed to make this lovely glittery star - but what a lovely craft you will end up with to put on display at Christmas or Eid!

Sarah says: Be warned - this craft is a bit fiddly, and getting the final stick to stay in position is difficult! But providing the other 4 points stick, your star will work (voice of experience - the 5th point is not joined on our blue star). If you are planning to try this with young children, it may be best for you to prepare the stars in advance, for the children to decorate.

Lolly stick star
A beautiful, sparkly star!

You will need:

5 lolly or crafts sticks
Glue (high tack is best)
Paint, stickers, glue, glitter ... whatever you want to use to decorate.


Using our picture as a guide, glue the ends of the sticks together to make your star. Leave to dry.

Decorate your star.


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