Little Angel Tree Topper


This little angel tree topper is a delightful way to crown your Christmas tree. Simple to make but pretty enough to give any child a sense of achievement, you can keep it simple and cute like ours or add glitter, gems and tinsel for a more traditional Christmas angel.

Little Angel Tree Topper Craft

You will need:

Felt (or card) scraps for angel body and hair
Craft foam (or card) for wings and face
Googly eyes
Felt tip pens
Glue, sticky tape etc
Craft wire and glitter for halo (optional)


By varying your materials you can produce very different angels. Work with what you have to hand, or give the children lots of alternatives and let them get creative!

First, cut a semi-circle out of felt or card, roll to form a cone shape, and join. We used a simple row of stitches but you could also use glue or double-sided sticky tape.

Cut a small circle our of craft foam or card for the face, and add features. Use a dab of glue to stick to the top of the cone.

Add hair. We cut a small semicircle of yellow felt for a fringe (bangs) attached to the front of her face, and another piece of yellow felt for the rest of hair, attached to the back. If you would like your angel to have a halo, use craft wire to make a circle, dip it in white glue and then into silver or gold glitter. Sandwich one edge of the halo between the angel's hair and the back of her head.

Cut a figure-of-8 shape from white craft foam or card for the wings. You could also use handmade paper, tissue or similar. Attach to the back of the cone, covering part of the join.

Decorate however you want. You could add sequins to the hem, glitter to the edges of the wings, and button jewels, or, if you used card rather than felt, you could draw a design onto it in gold or silver pen. Don't forget to ask your child to sign their name and put the date, perhaps on the inside of the angel.


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