Knight's Helmet 1


Doesn't Sam look fierce in this wonderful knight's helmet? It's straightforward to make using simple supplies, but an adult will need to help with the stapling and sticking!

Knight helmet 1 - Sam

You will need:

Silver card
Scraps of gold and black card


Use a plate to help you draw a circle on the silver card. It needs to be slightly bigger than your head. Draw a point coming out from your circle to make a teardrop shape. Now draw an outline about 2cm around the shape. Cut out along this line. Cut slits back to the original line to form tabs, and bend down carefully along your original outline. This is the top of your helmet.

Knight's helmet 1 - diagram showing the top of helmet

To make the main piece of the helmet, cut a rectangle of silver card about 30cm by 60cm. Fold in half and cut a triangle off the bottom as shown in the diagram below.

Knight's helmet 1 - diagram showing cutting of front of helmet

With the card still folded, cut a slit for eye holes at the fold.

Open out the card and using the fold to fit to the point of your teardrop, glue the tabs to the flat edge of the main piece. Staple the two ends of the main piece together.

Decorate your helmet with scraps of gold and black card, or add a shield like Sam did.

Knight helmet


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