Ice Skate Bookmarks


These adorable ice skate bookmarks are an excellent winter or sports craft that help children practise their sewing skills. They make lovely little gifts, too, so why not make a batch?

Ice Skate Bookmarks

You will need:

Embroidery thread
Large paperclip


Fold your felt in half and cut out a boot shape slightly narrower than the paperclip and with the base of the boot along the fold.

Slip one side of the boot through the paperclip.

Using a neat running stitch, sew around the outside of the boot with one strand of embroidery thread. Sew along the bottom at the top of the paperclip so it stays in place. We've used the same colour thread as our felt for the stitching.

Ice skate stitching detail
Ice skate stitching detail

To make the laces, cut a length of embroidery thread. Sew into the top of the boot, bring the needle back to the same side to make the second stitch so the thread forms a loop, and repeat down the boot and back up. You should end up with a criss cross effect and the ends of the thread hanging from the different sides of the boot. Tie the ends into a bow and trim.

Ice skate lacing detail
Ice skate lacing detail

Now attach the ice skate to the page of your book!

Ice skate as bookmark


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