Heart Plaque Key Ring


Here's a sweet craft for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day which the kids will enjoy making. It looks very pretty so whoever they give it to is sure to be pleased!

Heart plaque keyring

You will need:

Key ring fixing (optional - you could make this tied directly to a bag or pencil case zipper)
Polymer clay
Heart-shaped cookie cutter (optional)
Three shades of thin ribbon


Roll out your clay. Cut out a heart shape using a cookie cutter or by cutting around a heart-shaped template. Decorate your heart with other colours of clay, and/or making patterns with modelling tools. Make a hole through the top with a toothpick, wriggling around to get a big enough hole. Bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Group your ribbons together, and tie them to the key ring fitting.

Plait (braid) the ribbons

Tie a knot towards the end of the ribbons, then thread on the heart plaque. Tie another knot to secure it in place. Leave the last inch or so of ribbon hanging loose.


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