Handprint Snowman


Isn't this handprint snowman cute? Kids of all ages will be proud of themselves when they produce a painting as good as this one!

Handprint Snowman

You will need:

Construction paper
Poster paint in black, white, brown and any other colours you like


Paint the palm of your hand white and make a print in the centre of your paper. This is your snowman’s body.

Now paint your palm white and the fingers black (miss out the thumb) and print just above the first print so the white palm prints touch. This is your head and hat.

With the side of your finger add a black line between the finger and palm of the second print. This is your hat brim.

Using the side of your finger again add brown ‘twig arms’ to the body.

With bright paint and the side of your finger again add a scarf.

Finally, fingerprint on a nose, eyes and ‘buttons’


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