Halloween Silhouette Window Picture


We enjoyed this Halloween moon silhouette window picture craft so much - you can see we made a few of them! The bat and the witch silhouettes are particularly effective. 

Halloween silhouette window picture bat

You will need:

Black paper
White or yellow tissue paper
Glitter (optional)
Our Halloween templates
Scrap paper
Laminating sheet
Halloween templates


Halloween silhouette painting witch


  • Fold the tissue paper in half and cut a semi-circle shape from the centre. Open out the paper so you have a circle.
  • Lay this in the laminating sheet and sprinkle with glitter if you wish.
  • Print and cut out one of our Halloween templates on to the scrap paper. We especially like the bats and the witch.
  • Use the template to cut out the shape from black paper.
  • Lay the shape over the circle.
  • Close the laminating sheet and ask an adult to carefully feed the picture through a laminator.
  • Trim around the picture, leaving a small edge on the laminated sheet to keep it together.

Halloween silhouette witch

Halloween silhouette bat


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