Halloween Moon Mobile


Older kids will enjoy cutting out some spooky witches and bats to hang from this Halloween moon mobile. For a family or group project, perhaps younger children can paint the moon?

Halloween moon mobile

You will need:

Black card
Black yarn or thread
Silver paint
Black paint
Small paper plate
Large paper plate
Our Halloween templates
Scrap paper
Laminating sheet




  • Paint the large plate black and the small plate silver and leave to dry.
  • Use our Halloween templates printed on to scrap paper to help you cut out three bats and a flying witch from black card.
  • Make a hole in the centre of the black plate.
  • Punch a hole in the edge of the small silver plate and tie a length of yarn through. Push the other end through the hole in the black plate and tie or use sticky tape to secure.
  • Make six holes around the edge of the black plate. Punch a hole in each of the black card shapes and, with a piece of yarn, tie each to a hole in the black plate.
  • Make 2 more holes on opposite sides of the black plate and tie a length of yarn to form a loop to hang the mobile.
  • If needed you can stick a lump of sticky tack on the top of the mobile so it hangs even.

Halloween moon mobile detail


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