Glittery Fruits Craft


These pretty glittery fruits will make a welcome display when autumn comes, and could even be hung on the Christmas tree! Modelling the fruit out of foil is very satisfying for young hands, and adding the tissue paper "papier mache" is very effective.

Glittery fruits craft

You will need:

Kitchen foil
Tissue paper scraps in yellow, green and red
PVA glue


Tie a knot in your ribbon so it forms a loop. You need to make this loop longer than you want your finished "fruit" to be so there will be enough at the top to hang it.

Rip off some foil and shape it round the ribbon so the knot sits at the bottom and there is a loop at the top. Shape the foil into an apple or pear shape, squeezing it tightly. It might take a little while to get a shape that you are happy with.

Dip scraps of the appropriately coloured tissue paper in the glue and use them to cover your fruit. When your fruit is completely covered sprinkle with glitter. Hang your fruit up or place carefully in a bowl to display.


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