Glitter Glue Window Display


This craft can of course be adapted for all sorts of holidays and events, but we've done it here for Valentine's Day. It produces a lovely 3d "artwork" which can be adapted to so many different uses.

Glitter Glue Window Display

You will need:

Glitter glue
Plastic sleeve
Templates or drawn outlines for younger children.
Glue dots or double sided tape


For younger children, slip a piece of paper with a drawn outline, or perhaps one of our templates, into the plastic sleeve. Older children can create their own directly onto the plastic.

Use the glitter glue to trace the outlines, keeping lines thick. Now fill in the middles if you wish, or use the glitter glue to make patterns on the inside of the lines (see our letters O and E below).

Glitter glue window display - our pictures drying

When the glue is dry the shapes will peel off the plastic.

Glitter glue letters, pealed off the plastic

Use the glue dots or tape to stick to the windows.


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