Have some fun with our giraffe activities - giraffe colouring pages, printables and worksheets - and learn a little about these fascinating African animals too.

Giraffes are extraordinary animals.

  • They are tall. They are the world's tallest mammal, growing up to 6 metres (19 feet) high, with very long necks and legs. Their legs alone, at up to 6 foot long, are taller than many people! Their height gives them an advantage when it comes to eating, as they can reach the leaves on the tallest trees. Their very long tongues (up to 45 cm / 21 inches) help them with tricky leaves!
  • They are fast. With their long legs, giraffe can run fast. Adults are capable of 56 km an hour (35 miles an hour) for short sprints.
  • They are large. They are the world's largest ruminant (that's an animal that regurgitates its food and chews it as cud - like a cow).
  • They eat a lot! Giraffes eat constantly, and an adult can consume over 45 kg (that's 100 lb) of leaves and twigs per day.
  • They don't sleep much. In fact, giraffes sleep for less than 2 hours a day!
  • They are individuals. No two giraffes wear the same pattern!

Giraffes for Kids at Activity Village

Giraffes live mainly in the open grasslands of the African savannah. Their height gives them a huge advantage in looking out for danger and their speed allows them to get out of a tricky situation if necessary. However, it also leaves them vulnerable in one particular way: their long necks and legs make it very hard for them to drink at a water hole, and many a giraffe has been caught by a lion as they try.

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