Four Seasons Game


The Four Seasons game is a traditional Chinese game used to teach the names and order of the four seasons in a classroom or group setting.

Four Seasons Game

Choose one child (or an adult) as a leader, to give directions and keep score. Divide the rest of the class or group into teams for each of the four seasons and sit them in a ring, in seasonal order (ie spring, summer, autumn, winter).

The leader starts by saying, “I am Spring. I am leaving.”

The children in the Summer team must immediately stand up and say, “I am Summer. I am coming.”

The leader watches to make sure that all the team members stand up promptly and correctly and make the right statement. If so, the team is awarded a point.

The leader would then continue, "I am Summer. I am leaving," and the Autumn team would stand up.


* When the children can manage the seasons in order, the leader should start to jump between the seasons.

* When the children are consistently scoring good points, muddle the children up so that they are no longer sitting with their team members or in any particular order.


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