Foam Heart Photo Frame


This quick and easy foam heart photo frame uses pre-cut bought foam hearts. It is a quick and easy gift idea for all sorts of occasions, and if you stick a magnet to the back, looks great on the fridge!

Foam Heart Photo Frame

You will need:

Pink, red and white craft foam hearts (you can cut your own but it is easy to pick up bags of die-cut shapes)
Pink craft foam
Photo (passport size)
Double sided sticky tape


Cut out a heart shape from the pink foam. Now cut out a smaller heart from the middle. Don't worry too much about the shape as it will be covered up.

Glue the foam hearts to the heart frame, overlapping them and covering all of the frame. Leave to dry.

When the glue is dry use double sided sticky tape to stick your photo to the back of the frame.

Cut a piece of card the same size as the frame and stick it on to the back with double sided tape.

Finally glue a magnet on to the middle of the card.


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