Brightly coloured tropical fish are very appealing to kids. Here we have our fish theme; whether you are looking at sea life, visiting an aquarium or setting up your own tank at home you are sure to find some fishy fun here.

Fish are creatures that have a combination of gills and fins and can live only in the water, making them different from all other animals. Fish breathe through their gills that take in water where they extract oxygen. Fish are cold-blooded (with the exception of Tuna family and the Mackerel shark family)and are unable to control their own body temperature.

It is estimated that there are about 30,000 different species of fish. They range in size from the largest, Whale shark at 16 m long, to the smallest the 8 mm Stout Infantfish. 

Some fish, such as halibut and cod live in salt water, but other fish such as catfish and trout can be found in rivers and lakes.

Most fish reproduce by laying eggs, though some fish, such as great white sharks, give birth to live babies called pups.

Fish can have a varied diet, which may include other fish, algae, insects, fish eggs and molluscs. 


Some Interesting Facts

  • Some species of fish have developed ways to swim fast, including Tuna that can swim up to 70 mph!
  • Fish have been on the earth for more than 450 million years - that's before dinosaurs roamed the earth!
  • Sometimes tornadoes pick up fish while travelling over water and carry them over land, where the fish rain down. These “fish showers” have been happening for thousands of years.

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